Slay the Mic

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I can write with passion but speaking with it and in front of others? No thank you.

I always viewed myself as very confident but when you saw me speaking in front of a crowd, my body language and tone told everyone different. In February, I attended a Slay The Mic Speaking class. Jam Gamble, the #SlayerofTheMic describes herself as a speaking coach but she’s so much more!

She carefully curated activities for the attendees to identify what we felt held us back, then we discovered what shaped that belief. Jam gave us the tools to completely demolish those walls we’ve enclosed ourselves in or at least started to help us realize the shift in our mindset needed to overcome it. She challenged us but not only that, we ALL connected and truly wanted to see each other grow in that short amount of time together. The encouragement I felt from the other attendees is indescribable. This masterclass was created so carefully that it really set up a very safe and comfortable environment.

Some of us were looking for ways to find our voice; to be able to speak up in meetings or be able to get the courage to ask for that promotion or the pay we deserved, some were there to really take control of our past rather than the other way around; to build ourselves up away from cultural and social expectations and others were there to find comfort in the sound of their voice; to embrace it and really see the advantages and strength of our style of speaking.

Jam spoke about our voice being a renewable resource, so why not invest in it?!

The focus is on the quality of the experience which was small and intimate. If you’re not ready to jump up and slay the mic by the end of the day, you’ll be given the tools to do it at your pace because there’s no pressure. It was more of a community of wanting to see each other really break out of our shells to say what’s weighing us down without the fear of “what will they think of me?” Embrace yourself as you are and be happy with your story. Once I accepted that, it didn’t matter if I would be received by the group or not.

She still has limited tickets to Slay The Mic 4.0 in Toronto (which will undoubtedly sell out soon!). Grab your spot and you won’t regret it.

Instagram: @iamjamgamble

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