Creating my own Seat at the Table

Written by Zharita Sese

Sports journalists are responsible for bringing the sporting event back to life for the consumer. Whether it’s reporting on the game itself or recalling the experiences of players and coaches by means of interviews, journalists do it all. The work of a sports journalist can be showcased through various means of media like radio, television, print and the Internet.

​For as long as I can remember I have always loved sports but the world of sports media was never shown to me. I resorted to pursuing my passion for sports through formal education by obtaining my Bachelors in Kinesiology. From there, I followed the traditional path of getting a 9-5 that loosely tied in my education that provided a stable source of income and thought that was it. But my love for sports kept nagging me, begging for my attention. That’s when The Post Up was born - a corner of the internet that was dedicated to the Toronto Raptors with content created by real fans. I wrote about game after game just for my own sake, not paying attention to who was reading. Little did I know that it would land in the hands of someone who can show me what was out there. Someone recognized my passion and trusted me to do something great with it. And here I am now; an NBA Correspondent covering every aspect of a team that I love so much.

Working in the field of sports media is difficult for anyone, let alone a women of colour. When I look down media row, I can count on one hand the number of women sitting with me. When I look around any room I'm in, I’m surrounded by men who have had years and years of experience. All of those things could easily throw me off my game but I look at the work I do and those doubts are easily erased. For too long women have been used to be the face of sports media - look pretty, don’t say too many smarts views and wear nice clothes. But there’s a shift in media now that showing the world that women belong in the room just as much as men do.

My advice for anyone trying to break into this field? If you don’t see the seat at the table for you, create it yourself. That’s exactly what I did and continue to do with any opportunity presented to me. Don’t belittle your work or hide yourself to make others feel more comfortable.

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