A sister movement


Meet samantha

There I was, sitting at a tech conference overwhelmed with the thought of

"I wish I had a better idea of career options when I was still in high school".

Role models are so important.

When we can see that it can be done by someone like "me", we allow ourselves to believe we can do it too. I didn't know too many women in management roles or in industries like tech, media or science.

I found myself studying business in hopes to find a stable, office job that would keep me a float when it was time for me to be an "adult". I graduated, found a job that was stable and gave me many opportunities to climb my way into management in an electrical components manufacturing company. Growing up, I didn't know many women engineers so that's when I first realized that that path, wasn't impossible, it just wasn't seen as an option for "girls" when deciding my path at 16 years old. 

We  need to find fun and empowering ways to introduce girls and women to all the potential options there is out there. 

*Cue the birth of the Assist Her Movement*



Through our mentorship events, we hope to uplift our community and really put a spotlight on women in the workplace; a chance to share stories that are often left untold.  The Assist Her Fund  is to aid female students in school, courses or be used to provide access to great opportunities.